Not Quite Ready to Flip? Why not Blend? - Using Screen-Cast-O-Matic (SOM) to develop opportunities for Blended Learning and Differentiation in the Classroom

Screen-Cast-O-Matic is an inexpensive tool that can transform your classroom into a blended, differentiated learning space. Communicate with parents and students using SOM, use the tool in the classroom or for learning outside traditional classroom hours. If you have students over 13, you can work with your IT department, principal, and parents to develop a plan for student use of this tool as well.

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What is Blended Learning?

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From the iNACOL Framework for Blended Teaching Competencies

Click here for a little light reading: iNACOL Blended Learning Teacher Competency Framework


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Getting Started

1. Create a free account.
2. Think about how you can model blended learning.
3. Start recording your ideas.
4. Save or upload your video.
5. Share with the group here.

Classroom Implications

By using Screencast-o-matic or other video in class, you can actually be two or more places at once. Use the program to:
  • Provide directions, procedures, or information for self-paced assignments
  • Teach pre-requisite skills at stations
  • Serve as the launch activity for your class or for a particular group of students
  • Give students an opportunity to review material at home
  • Allow students to work at their own pace or review information as needed
  • Provide a review or follow-up for students at the end of a unit
  • (For students over 13) Allow students to teach or explain concepts as well as create guided reviews of material

Opportunities for Differentiation

Use Screencast-o-matic to provide differentiated instruction to students in small group settings, on an individual basis, or even as a whole class. A short series of videos could provide review on a specific set of standards, skills, processes, or procedures. Students can use the videos as an introduction or as a review. Students can revisit material as needed. You can also provide videos to parents and tutors who support the student.

Implications for Communicating with Parents and Other Stakeholders

Screencast-o-matic is a great tool for sharing information with parents. Use the program to create informational videos for parents. Here are some ideas:
  • How to navigate your website
  • Articulating your expectations
  • Sharing specific online resources parents might use to support their child
  • An overview of a project, unit, or concept that students may find challenging
  • A get to know me video to help parents feel more comfortable approaching you

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Some Examples