This self-paced tutorial is designed to ensure all NCCS employees who attend professional development follow district-wide procedures prior to attending professional development and after returning from professional development.

So, you are attending professional development...

This 10-minute video provides a tutorial on how to submit a proposal for professional development and the procedure for completing your post-professional development survey.

If you learn better by going through the presentation at your own pace, you can view the slideshow and read the procedures below...

Directions for submitting SEA Activity Proposals
In order to initiate a new Activity Proposal and edit or review an approved activity proposal, you must access the web-based SEA System. Follow the procedure below to access the SEA System:

  • Access the Newton-Conover City Schools home page
  • Click on SEA Staff Development Request under the Employees link on the home page
  • Click New or Edit Activity Proposal at the bottom of screen
  • Activity Proposal Screen will pop up
  • Click on the Other Activities button
  • Complete School, Title of Workshop, Focus, Start/End, Length, # Teachers, Professional Development/Relationship, Budget paying for workshop (you must know the Budget- if not sure, ask), Estimate Anticipated Expenses, Use $100 per day for Sub if needed, Complete All Blanks
  • Click Next Page
  • Complete Name, E-mail
  • Place on Hold
  • This will now go to the Building Administrator/Principal and Program Director for approval. You will receive an e-mail confirming or denying attendance.
  • Print a copy for your records and if registration or hotel is required please send a copy of the registration form, hotel confirmation, and the SEA approval to the director that is paying. Registration and/or hotel cannot be processed without this.

  • You will receive a survey regarding your workshop within two days after it is completed (please be looking for it in your email). You MUST complete the survey in order to receive CEUs or reimbursement.
  • Do not start the survey until you have your receipts in hand (hotel, parking, registration). Meal receipts are not required – current state rates should be used for meals.
  • Answer all questions in the survey and then fill in your reimbursement request if you need to be reimbursed for anything.
  • After completion, this will again be sent to the Program Director for processing. Print your reimbursement, Sign anywhere at the bottom, and send with your receipts (if you have any) in an envelope to the Program Director along with a copy of the agenda or certificate of completion so that they can process your reimbursement.
  • Keep a copy for your records.

Please submit verification that you understand the SEA System procedures by completing the form below.