Training for K-3 Formative Assessment Process
3:00 - 3:15
Introduction to K-3 Formative Assessment
What is K-3 Formative Assessment? What is the Vision?

2015-2016 - ONLY responsible for "Object Counting" and "Book Orientation and Print Awareness"
Tammy Brown

Jessica Fitzgerald

3:15 - 3:30

Take a look at the 2 Constructs!


3:30 - 3:45
Observation with a Purpose

Watch video Poor Old Polly
Take anecdotal notes on Poor Old Polly
Use the Construct Progressions to determine child's placement

3:45 - 4:00
Watch video of Object Counting
Take anecdotal notes
Use the Construct Progression chart to determine child's placement

4:00 - 4:30

Enter the data collected from the videos into the platform

Passwords are not ready yet! We will go over this again in August and show you how to upload evidence.

4:30 -5:00
What do I need to do as a teacher next year?
  • By November 16, 2016 (first 60 days of school) the teacher will collect evidences for Constructs Object Counting and Book Orientation and Print Awareness for each child on your roster.
  • Throughout the first 60 days of school, enter various means of documentation as evidence for Constructs Object Counting and Book Orientation and Print Awareness for each child your roster.
  • Each teacher is expected to have at least one video, one picture, and multiple anecdotal notes related to the required Constructs. (We will explain and work with you to implement this process!)
  • Between November 9-13, the teacher will place each child on the progression for each construct.
  • Grade Level Chair expectation is to make sure that all teachers in Kindergarten have their documentation and progressions completed by November 13.
  • We will have Monday, November 16 the elementary director will review documentation.

Documents for Teachers:
Creating a Literacy Rich Environment

Creating a Math Rich Environment

Next Meeting will be to review the first week of school in PLC's. Bring examples of documentation and work as a team to upload to platform or answer questions.