In this section, we will explore some instructional resources and some guides for planning. We will review some examples of NCCS teachers in their classrooms and reflect on our instructional expectation in Newton-Conover.

Understanding the Contemporary Classroom

These two videos by international curriculum experts, Sir Ken Robinson and Heidi Hayes Jacobs, provide a backdrop for how quality instruction is changing with our society.

Using Schoolnet to Find High Quality Instructional Resources

How to access Schoolnet (add video)

Newton-Conover Teachers Share Expertise


NCCS teachers were selected to be national models for high-quality implementation of the Common Core State Standards.

The Best Instructional Strategies - A Resource for you

I have compiled this resource over the years to support teachers with facilitating instruction. Let me know if you have questions or need more resources.

Case 21 Assessments and Benchmarks

Grades 3-EOC courses


Depth of Knowledge from NYC DOE Promising Pract on Vimeo.

Depth of Knowledge Question Stems
Depth of Knowledge Chart
DOK Wheel

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